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Don't go without your essential electronics while out in the great outdoors. Whether you're in need of long-lasting lithium batteries, charger & battery combo sets, lone chargers, or any other battery accessories, you can be sure to find what you're looking for here at Urban Outback Gear. Never let a drained battery ruin your explorations and adventures again! Pick up some batteries and chargers today.

2 x Genuine Fenix 18650 3.6v 2600mAh Li Ion Protected Rechargeable Battery
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KeepPower USB Li Ion Battery Charger - Real Time LCD Display Voltage / Current
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12v Car adaptor to suit Rictron Universal Charger
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Ansmann Energy 8 Plus Universal Charger NiCad/NIMH

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Enecharger 8 Slot AA AAA NIMH Smart Charger

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Enecharger NC42000 USB AA AAA Fast 1 Hour Rapid Charger NIMH Batteries
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Enecharger Universal Smart LCD Battery Charger for NiMH Cells
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Fenix ARB-L4 26650 Lithium Ion Rechargeable 4800mAh Battery

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Fenix ARE-C1 Li-Ion Smart Battery Charger for Rechargeable 18650 Batteries
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Genuine Fenix 18650 3.6v 3400mAh Li Ion Protected Rechargeable Battery
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GOAL ZERO Guide10 Plus Charger Pack with AA Batteries USB / Solar for IPad Iphone
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Nitecore 3.7V  Li-Ion RCR123A Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
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Nitecore i4 Universal ALL in ONE Smart Fast Battery Charger NIMH Li Ion Nicad
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