Reliable lighting is necessary when exploring the great outdoors. Whether needed when entering a dark cavern or while hiking past sunset, Fenix torches and lighting provide the reliable, durable, and quality lighting that every outdoor fanatic needs for safety and practicality. For those who do a lot of biking, Fenix bike lights has an award-winning option in their popular BT20 model, which comes equipped with a dual-distance beam for optimal visibility while riding, adjustable levels of light intensity, and easy installation. Those looking for a general-purpose flash light should check out the MC11 model, which has a convenient rotating head and a built-in SOS light that's suitable for emergencies.


Fenix TK15 Ultimate edition 1000 Lumen Cadet Grey

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Fenix ARB-L4 26650 Lithium Ion Rechargeable 4800mAh Battery
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Fenix CL05 Keychain Lip Light Lantern - BLUE

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Fenix CL05 Keychain Lip Light Lantern - PURPLE

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Fenix E15 Ultra Sub Compact 450Lm Flashlight 132m range
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FENIX HL35  Headlamp 450 Lumens

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