Hydration Packs, Bottles & Cups

Camelbak produce high quality, innovative hydration solution for sports, military. law enforcement & every day use. They include water bottles, bladders, hydration packs & more.

When you're exploring the great outdoors, it's vital that you stay adequately hydrated—especially if you're out and about on a particularly hot day. Fortunately, here at Urban Outback Gear, we've got you covered with everything you need to stay hydrated while on the go. Whether you're looking for an easily portable hydration pack for your next hike, a water purifier for your next camping expedition, or some simple bottles and cups, you can find it here.

CamelBak ThermoBak 3L MIL Antidote BK CM

$AUD119.50 $AUD129.95

8% OFF
STERIPEN ADVENTURER Opti Handheld Portable UV Water Purifier
26% OFF
CamelBak 1.5L Circuit vest Amethyst/Coral

$AUD112.50 $AUD129.95

13% OFF
CamelBak 2017 FlashFlo LR Waist Pack w/ CRUX 1.5L Reservoir
17% OFF
Camelbak 2L Thermobak Longneck AUSCAM Military Hydration Pack
14% OFF
CamelBak 500ml Quick stow chill flask - blue

$AUD41.95 $AUD49.95

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CamelBak Armorbak 3L Mil short CYT CM

$AUD129.95 $AUD139.95

7% OFF