KeyReels / Tact Pens / Multi Tools / Firestarters

Adventurers understand the importance of being prepared for anything every time they embark on an exciting journey. Grab your keys and tools with these stylish and functional Urban Outback retractable key chains and call other people’s attention with these Urban Outback emergency whistles! 

Leatherman Wave - Nylon Sheath - Box

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Gerber Curve Mini Pocket Keychain Multi Tool / Knife - BLUE

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KEY-BAK USA Super 48 Duty 36" Retractable Key Chain - Leather Loop
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Leatherman Freestyle - Box

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Leatherman Mako Ti - Bike / Cycling Compact Multi Repair Tool
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Leatherman USA NEW Skeletool RX Rescue Multi Tool - 100% GENUINE
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Leatherman Wingman - Clam

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Gerber Outdoor Crucial Pocket Multi Tool / Knife -GREY - Stainless Steel
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Gerber Suspension Full Size Multi Tool Stainless Steel - Titanium Nitride
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Gerber USA MP400 Compact Sport Multi Tool - Stainless Steel w/ Sheath
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Key-Bak USA 48cm Key Chain with Trigger Clip - (19") nickel-finish
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KEY-BAK USA Bolt Snap Key Ring with Detachable Leather Strap
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KEY-BAK USA MINI-BAK ID Retractor Reel Heavy Duty 24" Nylon Cord
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KEY-BAK USA MINI-BAK Key Retractor Reel Heavy Duty 24" Nylon Cord Split Ring
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Key-Bak USA Mini-Bak Retractable Key Reel 36" Nylon Cord, Steel Clip Split Ring
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Leatherman Piranha Multi Purpose Pocket Tool
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Leatherman Raptor GENUINE Scissor Shears / Emergency Multi Tool + Holster
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LED Lenser P7.2 + Leatherman Sidekick Multi Tool Combo Gift Set

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