Ballistic Eyewear & Hearing protection

There's no denying the importance of eye protection when hiking or enjoying other activities outdoors. Still, some people fail to consider protecting their eyes while out in the sun, braving the elements. This is where having Ballistic eye protection in the form of goggles and other safety eyewear can make all the difference. From goggles and safety glasses to military spec eyewear..

and everything in between, Ballistic exceeds business quality standards and provides eye protection for any situation. For instance, their ESS CDI Polarised Mirrored Glasses have both polarised lenses and high-impact lenses that meet Australia's highest ANSI safety ratings when it comes to protective eyewear. No lover of the outdoors should ever be caught without quality eye protection.

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Oakley USA M Frame 3.0 Ballistic Military Safety Glasses
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