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HexArmor Chrome Safety Gloves #4045 General Search & Duty Cut + Anti Needle / Sharps Size 10XL

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HexArmor Chrome 4045 General Search & Duty - Cut & Anti Needle Resistant Gloves - Black
Listing is for a pair of Size 10 XLarge gloves.
Hand sizing chart on lower page
See other listings for more sizes and styles available.


Hexarmor 4045 General Search and Duty Gloves are the optimum choice for high-risk search and seizure applications.
The gloves offer industry-leading protection from needle and laceration hazards, setting the new standard for hand protection.
HexArmor® products are engineered to provide users with the highest levels of protection in areas where risk is the greatest.
Needles are sharp, beveled cutting instruments designed to pierce the skin. To stop them from puncturing the skin, you need to stop the cutting action by putting something hard in front of them, such as the protective guardplates found in SuperFabric® brand materials.
HexArmor® needle resistant products work by layering SuperFabric® brand materials over each other. SuperFabric® brand material guardplates block and deflect needle hazards or trap and arrest them in the small gaps found between guardplates. Multiple aligned layers of fabric provide extra resistance against needle hazards.
HexArmor® products are tested in real world applications and are proven to reduce needlestick injuries. Using the correct test will ensure you have the right glove to protect your employees.

Made with SuperFabric®, these gloves exceed ISEA and CE Level 5 ratings.
(Easy Sizing chart bottom page) This listing is for 4045 Gloves Size 10 XLarge



  • Needlestick–resistance available by the layering of 2 layers of SuperFabric® brand material (in fingertips)
  • Tested with 25 gauge needles (modified ASTM 1342-05 test)
  • Highest level of cut-resistance in enhanced areas- Exceeds ISEA/CE Level 5
  • AirMesh™ breathable back of hand with Airprene wrist band and velcro closure
  • Launderable
  • Comfortable glove that provides a good level of manual dexterity.
  • Material used on back of glove allows hands to breath and maintain thermal comfort.


  • General search and duty
  • Seizure and pat downs
  • Correctional operations
  • Apprehension and control

Due to risk of infection from blood-borne pathogens such as human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C, hypodermic needlesticks pose a life-safety risk to healthcare professionals, law enforcement officials, sanitation workers, and others. A new ASTM International standard addresses the unique mechanics of hypodermic needle puncture as related to protective clothing.
The ASTM F2878 - 10 Standard Test Method for Protective Clothing Material Resistance to Hypodermic Needle Puncture was developed by Subcommittee F23.20 on Physical, part of ASTM International Committee F23 on Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment.

HexArmor® and ASTM F2878 Test
HexArmor® has long understood these shortcomings and has been testing using a modified ASTM 1342 test using 25 gauge hypodermic needles. With the new ASTM F2878    test we are able to now standardize testing based on international standards. Here is the ASTM F2878 Test Overview:

  • Testing can be done using a 21G, 25G, or 28G needle
  • HexArmor tested using a 25G needle
  • Puncture probe (25G needle) travels at a 90¡ angle into a specimen at a velocity of 500mm/min
  • Amount of force necessary to puncture through the specimen is recorded to the nearest .01 Newton
  • The average of the 12 results is reported

The industry-changing Chrome Series® delivers protective gloves that continually exceed expectations, pairing comfort and cut protection with a short Velcro-closure cuff that fits properly and allows a full range of motion. Not just for use in the workplace they offer protection for a huge variety of tasks both around the home & recreational.

The mission at HexArmor is to provide safety solutions to end or greatly reduce injuries on the job, and lower overall cost of purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE). HexArmor are constantly working with the largest industrial and service companies in the world to come up with industry-changing products that defeat the toughest mechanical risks in a variety of work environments. HexArmor strives to position itself as the true innovator in PPE, utilizing SuperFabric® technologies that provide performance characteristics unlike any other technology on the market for cut, puncture, and needle risks.

What is the SuperFabric Technology?
SuperFabric® technology, by HDM Inc., is a finishing process that takes ordinary fabrics and transforms them into high performance fabrics collectively known as SuperFabric brand materials. These new protective fabrics can be engineered for optimum resistance to abrasions, lacerations, punctures, stains, and more, while remaining highly flexible. SuperFabric® brand material simultaneously incorporates a variety of protective fabric functions no other known fabric can simulate, including industry-leading cut, puncture, and needle resistance.

Typical cut-resistant gloves are made with a performance fiber (Kevlar, Dyneema, Spectra) or blend of cut-resistant performance fiber. While these gloves offer some levels of cut-resistance, they lack the ability to prevent hazards from puncturing or penetrating the skin surface. When a jagged piece of metal, wire, glass, or splinter comes up against a cut-resistant glove fiber, it will find a "window" between the fiber rows and cause a laceration.

With HexArmor®, cut-resistant gloves offer more than just protection from straight edge cut hazards. They realize there are variables (force, angle, application) that come into play and can affect how a cut hazard will contact the user. SuperFabric® brand material is an ideal solution for cut-resistant gloves, as it protects from both straight edged cuts and variable situations.

What Does Cut resistance & the rating mean?
Not every cut resistant glove is capable of offering the same level of protection to wearers. Gloves are rated under the ISO 13997 standard and designated with a number between 0 and 5 to indicate cut resistance. The least resistant gloves are designated by the number 0, while the most resilient gloves are labeled with a 5.

What Size Gloves? — Measure around hand at fullest part (exclude thumb).

Number of inches equals glove size. If your hand measures a half size.. ie 8 1/2 inches we recommend you go up to size 9 etc.
Consult the chart to accurately measure for the size you require.

Extra Small      Small      Medium     Large      XL Extra Large      XXL Extra Large
        6                  7               8               9                10                     11

**NOTE... If you have measured your hand correctly as shown above you should have no issues with sizing.
The gloves however will be quite firm to put on especially when new.
Work your hands into the gloves & fingers fully into the tips remembering they will give a little.

Wearing these gloves offer you a vastly improved chance of minimising or avoiding injury in many situations where otherwise a serious injury/laceration may have have resulted. However the gloves do not make you immune or impervious to sustaining an injury with the unpredictable nature of hazards on a job site.

Personal protective equipment is not a substitute for effective engineering, administrative controls, safe work practices, or other control measures.

Q.  Should cut-resistant gloves be used to protect one from cuts from powered/mechanical equipment like powered saws and drills?
A.  Most all manufacturers of cut-resistant gloves will not suggest the use of cut-resistant gloves for protection against powered devices. Gloves are typically tested for use with non-powered blades and sharps only.
The use of a glove with powered equipment could potentially harm an individual. If the moving blade catches the glove, it could result in a person getting pulled into moving machinery. Moving machine parts have the potential for causing severe workplace injuries

Cleaning Instructions:
Machine wash cold or warm, do not bleach. Tumble dry low.
Secure all Velcro closures to prevent snagging.
For oily, greasy, or carbon-based grime, OXY-CLEAN has proven to work very well.
Gloves can be commercially cleaned as well.

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