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We have a range of highest quality big name brand knives. Wether you need a knife for hunting, fishing, tactical or military combat, kitchen, pocket folding knife, general purpose utility knife or a specialty knife chances are we have it in stock. We also have a wide variety of single & two handed machettes. Different adventures and different explorers have different needs. It is always important to be prepared for just about anything that will come your way. No matter what your situation calls for, Urban Outback has you covered ! 

Fiskars Gerber X5 Small Camping Hatchet Axe

$AUD69.95 $AUD79.95

13% OFF
Gerber Bear Grylls BG Survival Hatchet

$AUD55.95 $AUD74.00

24% OFF
Gerber Bear Grylls ULTIMATE Fixed Blade Survival Knife
31% OFF
Smith's USA Pro Series 6" Diamond Tri-Hone Knife Sharpener Set
31% OFF