Founded by CEO Tim Tang in 2003, Maxpedition has made quite a name for itself in the world of hiking and outdoor equipment. Specifically, Maxpedition offers an impressive range of knives, backpacks, tools, pockets, pouches, and more. Perhaps one of this brand's most popular items is its backpacks, which are intelligently designed with an outdoor lifestyle in mind. No matter what kinds of weather conditions hikers may find themselves in while exploring the great outdoors, they can enjoy both comfort and style every step of the way. With a reliable backpack, one never needs to be without the tools he or she needs, allowing outdoor lovers to enjoy greater peace of mind.

Maxpedition - Aftermath Compact Toiletries Bag

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Maxpedition AGR Valence Adjustable Sling /Shoulder Bag Black
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Maxpedition AGR Veldspar Tactical Shoulder Bag Black
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Maxpedition Lithvore Black
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