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When it comes to camping, one of the biggest challenges many campers run into is that of being able to cook a great meal with limited supplies. Often times, it's simply not possible to carry around bulky cookware, such as pots and pans. That is, until now. With the X-Pot Portable Cooking Pot, campers can enjoy the convenience of having a large cooking pot on-hand without taking up a great deal of space in their supply bags in the process. You can find this pot and so much more at Urban Outback Gear.

XPOT Camping Pot
XPOT Camping Pot

The X-Pot Portable Cooking Pot

This portable cooking pot is made of silicone and is totally collapsible, making it easy to fit in even the smallest of camping bags. Plus, it has an aluminium base, which helps to heat up quickly and disperses heat evenly as well. The result is a beautifully cooked meal every time. Plus, its large size makes it easy for you to cook for one or several people, and its high silicone walls and locking lid help to prevent spills and splashes while stirring. Ideal for boiling water for pasta or even cooking sauces, this pot is a must-have for any camper who also enjoys cooking.

With those pot, you'll never have to resort to hot dogs cooked over a fire again; instead, you can whip up a real meal while roughing it.

Other Cooking Accessories

Of course, if you're looking for other great urban gear for cooking on your next camping expedition, there are some other great options worth considering as well. For example, if you're the type who enjoys a nice cup of tea or coffee while camping each morning, this Jetboil Flash Portable Cooking System is a must-have. In just two minutes, this little gadget will provide you with two full cups of boiling water, which is perfect for making quick coffee or even boiling some noodles for a meal. Plus, it's small and compact enough to easily fit in your camping bag with the rest of your gear!

And when it comes to easy and even grilling, this BioLite portable grill is the perfect attachment to your existing wood-burning stove and will provide even cooking every time without the hassle of dealing with a heavy and cumbersome propane tank.

More From Urban Outback Gear

Of course, you can find so much more than cooking gear for your next camping trip at Urban Outback Gear. For example, if you're looking for a great place to store your gear on the go, be sure to check out their selection of Maxpedition backpacks, which are ideal for keeping your gear safe and dry in any conditions. Light up the night while camping with their Nitecore torches, Fenix torches, and reliable Cree torches. From Camelbak hydration packs to ballistic eyewear and everything in between, you can find everything you need to make the most of your next camping experience at Urban Outback Gear.