Nite Ize

Nite Ize is known for making products that are innovative, unique, and problem solving. For example, have you ever dealt with the struggle of trying to complete a task in the dark because you didn't have any free hands to hold a flashlight? If so, then you might want to check out the Nite Ize flashlight holster, which is guaranteed to come in use during the next power outage, or even the next time you're out camping. With this adjustable flashlight holster, you can enjoy convenient and hands-free light at the touch of a button.

They also have a very innovative product that's taking the world by storm, known as the Steelie. This simple little product allows you to mount your smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device anywhere with little effort. Using magnet technology, you can hold your phone or GPS device in place on your car dash without worrying about it falling when you hit a speed bump.