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Nitecore Flashlight 40mm Filter Night Vision Lens Diffuser P25 MH25 EA4 SRT7 + more

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Nitecore 40mm  Filter Night Vision Lens

Nitecore Filter / diffuser Lens cover 40mm (1.57") fits the CR6, CG6, CB6, Ci6, CU6, P15, P16, P25, MH25, MH40, EA4, EA41, EC4, SRT7 and other flashlights with corresponding head diameter.

Price is for ONE (1) Lens of selected colour of your choice

Gives an even spread of diffused light.

  • Highly resistant to extreme temperatures, thus ideal in harsh environments.
  • Toughened ultra - frosted glass lense with anti reflective coating provides heat resistance and
  • Maximum light transmittance.
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to attach / remove in seconds.

Filter Colour Guide:
Blue light is also the only light that will cut through fog. It is a very mild light. It is great for map reading or any chart reading while still maintaining adequate night vision. Blue LEDs are popular with law enforcement investigators because they will pick traces of blood or bodily fluid that might not be visible to the naked eye. Blue light is also used by hunters to track injured animals by following blood trails. Search and rescue personnel find it useful for the same reason - searching for an injured person is easier if a trail can be established.Red light is used for one main reason. Night vision! It helps you keep you night vision because once exposed to white light it takes anywhere from 30 min to 1 hour for your night vision to take full effect.

Red light is popular in military operations because it is difficult to pick up at a distance. This color is also often preferred by photographers and those using night vision scopes. Red is good for smoke or particulate-filled environments to avoid the refractory wash out. Red can be useful in night-time hunting applications. However, it does make it difficult to make out red lines or marks on maps and charts. Often a green filter is preferred for maps.

Green light is used when you need more light but don't want others seeing you as easily. Green difusses much quicker than the other colors so it is not as easy to see from a distance. Green light does not attract bugs like other colours.

White light is for general use where impairment of night vision is not an issue. ie camping to illuminate inside a tent, book reading etc

Flashlight in photos not included - used for demonstration purposes of filter

Package Contents:
1 x 40mm Filter lens Cover

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