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Sea to Summit Latitude- LTI Womens RH Zip Sleeping bag regular Size

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The Latitude series is Sea to Summit's most versatile bag, designed for a broad range of activities in a variety of environments, filled with 750+ Loft ULTRA-DRY Down and protected by the 2D NanoShell fabric. Designed with a tapered rectangular shape, the Latitude series offers comfort in the widest range of temperatures. By utilising lightweight shell fabrics and high loft ULTRA-DRY Down, STS have created a bag that is similar in weight to the traditional mummy bags, but which offers additional internal wriggle room for increased comfort.

The women’s Latitude also features two combined down and THERMOLITE baffles under the foot area, to help keep heels and ankles warmer where feet compress the down 

Suggested use : Lightweight trekking/Hiking, Travel, Camping

Season Ratings : Indoor/Summer/Spring/Autumn
With the ability to be opened out into a full duvet when sleeping in huts and zippered up for winter camping in sub zero conditions the Latitude series can be used all year round. The oversized neck-collar and hood-seal keeps drafts out, minimising heat loss around the face. The oversized zipper draft tube is fitted with the lightest and stiffest anti-snag material, and a security pocket located inside the bag is easily accessible.

A side block baffle construction maintains a 60/40 down fill ratio for maximum insulation. The soft touch lining fabric is down proof by construction and highly breathable offering a comfortable sleep.

The Latitude series is STS choice for trekking the Annapurna circuit in the Himalaya, ski touring hut to hut in the Alps and walking the Western Arthurs in Tasmania.


  • Technical tapered rectangular shape
  • 2D NanoShell
  • Differential cut shell
  • Offset baffles
  • 60/40 fill ratio
  • Side block baffle
  • Anatomically tapered foot
  • Zip draft tube with anti-snag
  • Neck draft tube with dual elastic adjustment
  • Cushioned internal hood draw-cord with dual adjustment
  • 2 way YKK #5 zips with separate foot zip
  • Medium sized internal zip pocket
  • Includes lightweight Ultra-Sil compression bag and combined storage cell / laundry bag
  • Regular: for people up to 170 cm / 5'7
  • Long: for people up to 179 cm / 5'10"
  • Down: ULTRA-DRY Down 750+ Loft 90/10 Premium Grey Duck Down
  • Fill weight: Regular 550g / Long 600g
  • Bag weight: Regular 1135g / Long 1225g
  • Length options: Regular – right zip / Long – right zip
  • Season ratings: Indoor / Summer / Spring / Autumn
  • Compressed volume: Regular - 10 - 3.3 litres / Long - 15 to 5.5L
  • Compression bag: Regular - Small / Long - Medium

Sea to Summit : Sleeping Bags - Latitude
Colour of Product: Green
Primary Material: 20D Nylon with DWR, 1000mm, MVTR 7500g/m2/24hr, high density down proof weave, ULTRA-DRY Down 750+ Loft 90/10 Premium Grey Duck Down
Lining Material: 20D Nylon soft touch ultra breathable high density down proof weave
Weight Kg: 1.135 kg / 1.225 kg
Warranty Terms: Lifetime Warranty
Size: Long, Regular

Technical Tapered Rectangle
No matter which way the weather turns, the Basecamp bag can be both modified to suit. Zip yourself in and pull the internal draw-cords tight to combat the cold. If the weather takes a turn towards summer, then you can vent the feet, or unzip one or both sides to keep yourself cool and comfortable.

The Basecamp is also so much more than just a sleeping bag, the dual zipper design means that it can transform from a substantial and sumptuous sleeping bag into a svelte summer quilt. The bottom of the quilt holds its shape as a roomy foot-box, and a series of attachment loops even lets you secure your quilt onto your mat to ensure maximum warmth.


Repels moisture
Retains loft
Dries faster
Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
Prolongs the life of your sleeping bag
In a world of technical brilliance it is remarkable that the performance of certain natural products have not been surpassed. Despite advances in modern fibre technology, down is still the best insulator warmth for weight, and is also the most durable sleeping bag insulation.

The problem with down is its vulnerability to water; moisture decreases the ability of the down to loft to its full potential and insulate, decreasing the warmth of your sleeping bag. Once down is damp or wet, it also takes a long time for it to dry out and effectively insulate again.

With the introduction of water-repellent ULTRA-DRY Down we have virtually eliminated the negative effects that moisture has on down. The ULTRA-DRY Down water-repellent treatment protects the down from external moisture and internal condensation.

ULTRA-DRY Down is a permanent Nano-level water repellent polymer treatment applied to our high loft, high quality down. The Nano-thin treatment vastly improves our down’s reaction to water without effecting its weight or loft performance. ULTRA-DRY Down retains over 60% more loft and absorbs 30% less moisture when compared with untreated down. Sea to Summit sleeping bags dry out 60% faster than bags with untreated down.

The Nano-level treatment also inhibits bacterial and microbial growth, which makes Sea to Summit sleeping bags more hygienic and improves their lifespan.
Sea to Summit sleeping bags, using ULTRA-DRY Down in combination with our already formidable 2D- and 3D-NanoShell system give you the best chance of sleeping warm and dry, day in day out throughout the worst of conditions.

With these technologies combined there is simply no reason to choose any other insulation or shell for your sleeping bag.

Loft is the volume for a given weight of down. It is used to describe the quality of down, relating directly to the insulating performance. High loft down is warmer for a given weight than low loft down. Higher lofting down will fill a larger volume of space for a given weight. As a result, less down weight is required to fill each baffle in a sleeping bag. This translates to a lighter sleeping bag. The most common measure of loft is called Fill Power. 850 Fill Power implies that one ounce of this down will loft to fill a volume of 850in3.

850+ Loft Goose Down
850+ Fill Power (Loft) Goose Down is the very best quality down available for sleeping bags. It provides the highest insulation for its weight and will last the longest. 

Sea to Summit 850+ Loft series bags are all filled with Eastern European Mother Goose 850+ loft down. 

Eastern European Goose Down is well renowned for its high quality, achieving the best loft, with the largest clusters that are strong and resilient, lasting for years.

650+ and 750+ Loft Premium Down

In the Sea to Summit Trek series, our 750+ and 650+ Fill Power Premium European duck down is a high quality insulation that sets the benchmark for sleeping bags in this class.

Use the pack - store - wash system supplied with all Sea to Summit sleeping bags, and you will ensure maximum loft from your bag.

To help you care for your sleeping bag and store it properly, all Sea to Summit sleeping bags are supplied with three storage sacks:

1 Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil compression sack for easy packing
1 Oversized mesh storage cell to ensure the down maintains optimal loft during long periods of storage
1 Large cotton sack to protect your bag when laundering
Use the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil compression sack to pack and compress your sleeping bag for an expedition. Stuff your sleeping bag in from the foot first, tighten the drawcord and gently compress the stuff sack. To ensure the best performance from your sleeping bag, do not store under compression for long periods.

The mesh storage cell has been specifically designed to store your sleeping bag in between trips. Air out your sleeping bag thoroughly before storing and do not store damp. Store in a clean dry place. This storage cell will help maintain the loft of your sleeping bag.

The cotton laundry sack has your sleeping bag washing instructions printed on it. We recommend hand washing, if you use a washing machine, use only a front loading machine. Sea to Summit recommends the use of Granger’s down wash or similar. Use the laundry sack to protect your sleeping bag when tumble drying. Caution: use low heat/delicates setting only.

With the correct use of these three supplied storage sacks you can expect many years of warm cosy nights in your Sea to Summit sleeping bag.

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