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Sea to Summit RFID Travel Wallet Anti Theft - Blocks Data Skimming Devices LARGE BLACK

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Sea to Summit RFID Travel Wallet Anti Theft - Blocks Data Skimming Devices
Size: LARGE (23cm x 11cm x 2cm)
Colour: BLACK

*Contents shown in wallets NOT included. For demonstration purposes only

These lightweight, strong and water resistant wallets provide a convenient way to keep all of your essential travel documents, cards, notes and coins organised and safe from the elements. All wallets are lined with RFID-proof fabric to protect against digital theft. Travel Wallets come with a range of internal pockets and card sleeves, gusseted cash pocket, as well as a zippered coin holder. The medium and large size can hold passports.
Full YKK® zippered closure keeps contents secure
Secure internal YKK® zipper pockets with divided sections
Lined with water/perspiration-resistant Ultra-Sil® fabric and RFID-proof fabric
Large features eight card slots, two large sleeves, a pen/stylus holder and a zippered coin holder

Most bank cards and passports have RFID technology to store data which can be accessed by RFID scanners at retail outlets or immigration checkpoints. There is a danger that thieves can digitally access this information by covertly using RFID scanners from a distance. RFID-proof fabric does not allow scanner radio frequencies to pass through it, restricting digital access to your personal information.

Sea to Summit’s new range of travel safety products are lined with RFID-proof fabric. The copper-nickel plated fabric is visible on the inside of some pockets. The range is constructed with water and abrasion resistant Ultra-sil® fabric to reduce weight while maintaining durability.



Thieves can buy small hand held devices (portable skimmers) that can read your card from a few inches to several feet away (the same devices that allow you to “tap” a card with an embedded chip). These portable skimmers don’t have to be hooked up to anything, don’t have to be plugged in, don’t have to be attached to an ATM. These portable devices work like WiFi. These portable devices can be used by an employee of any store or restaurant if you hand them your card. They can also be used by any stranger standing behind you in a crowd or next to you while waiting on a line, anywhere. You don’t even have to be in a store. You can be waiting at a bus stop or sitting in the bleachers while watching your kid’s soccer practice. They can get your card information while your card is in your wallet or purse. This kind of card and information theft that can also evolve into identity theft because some readers can also obtain information from your driver’s license and other IDs you may carry in your wallet.

About Portable Skimmers and RFID
RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, is the technology that lets you simply wave your credit card, passport or license in front of a nearby scanner (or a theive’s portable skimmer) instead of having to slide the magnetic strip through it. It’s a fairly simple concept. The electronic scanner sends a signal which is received by an antenna embedded into the card, which is connected to the card’s RFID chip, and the information on the card is read.

Well over 100 million credit cards now have this technology embedded into them. However, over the next year it’s expected that banks and credit card issuers will replace every single magnetic strip credit and debit card with a new contactless “smart card” that has these embedded chips, and why shouldn’t they? The new cards seem to make it all easier. So much easier that theives can read your credit cards without you even taking them out of your wallet.

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