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Sea To Summit X-Set 31 Camping Hiking 5pc Cook Set - Compact Collapsible Pot, 2 Bowls & 2 Mugs

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Sea to Summit X-Set 31 Five Piece Camp Stove Cooking Set

Sea to Summit’s X-Series has been an extremely popular and comprehensive range of collapsible dinnerware for years. The fundamental appeal of these items is how compact and functional they are. Now, Sea to Summit has extended those concepts to cookware with hard-anodized aluminum bases that allow camp stove cooking. The beauty is how they collapse and nest with our dinnerware and other X cookware, creating the most compact cooking and eating sets you’ll find. There are five set options suited to just about any activity and group size. The X-Set 31 includes: X-Pot 2.8L & (2) X-Bowls & (2) X- Mugs 

Size Variation X Set 31
Weight 21.5 oz/609g
Color Multi
Recommended Use Mountaineering  Backpacking  Camping  Flying  Organization  Cycle Touring

Set includes: X-Pot 2.8L & (2) X-Bowls & (2) X-Mugs
Set nests completely together for ease of transport and storage


General Use:

  • Intended for use with camping stoves only. Not intended for open campfires, microwave ovens or conventional ovens
  • The silicone handles are designed to secure the lid to the pot only during transport. Attaching them to the lid during cooking can cause damage to the lid
  • Pot should be fully expanded when cooking to avoid direct exposure of flame to silicone sides
  • Do not wash in dishwasher
  • Always turn off stove before lifting pot or lid
  • Wait 30 seconds before handling, as pot handles can be hot and steam may be exiting from lid steam/strainer
  • Beware that boiling water may cause steam to vent anywhere around the pot rim. Be careful using sharp objects when cooking as they may damage silicone
  • Be aware that silicone walls are collapsible. Do not apply top pressure to walls while cooking as they may collapse
  • Always point lid steam/strainer away from self while cooking to avoid reaching over it when grabbing lid grip
  • Before using pot for the first time wash with hot water and mild detergent and dry immediaetly

Click on the PRODUCT CARE tab above this descriprition to learn about the use & care of the X-Pot / Kettle range of products. Most common questions are answered in detail.


  • Always hold lid securely against the pot when straining or pouring
  • Always pour away from yourself to avoid contact with water and steam. Pour contents slowly and at a shallow angle
  • Beware hot contents may heat lid. Place thumbs on locking knobs of lid to reduce contact to hot surface

Heat damage:

  • Do not allow the flames from your stove to extend beyond the base of the pot or allow pot to boil dry
  • Low to medium heat output on camp stove is highly recommended. High heat output on camp stove may create excess flame that wastes fuel and damages silicone walls
  • Prolonged exposure to flames may cause the silicone to become brittle and disintegrate. A white external external coating or hardness to touch are signs that the silicone has become brittle. Discontinue use
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