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When most people think about camping, they tend to think of "roughing it" in the wild. And when it comes to meals, this often times conjures up images of your "typical" camping foods, such as hot dogs, and burgers. However, just because you're camping doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to eat like a king. And with cooking tools and gear from Luke Mangan, available through Urban Outback Gear, now you can cook anything imaginable at your campsite.

Luke Mangan chef knives
Luke Mangan chef knives

Quality Knife Sets

Luke Mangan gear is just one of the many in-demand brands offered at Urban Outback Gear. Specifically, Luke Mangan specialises in creating quality knife sets that are ideal not only for typical home use, but for camping in the great outdoors as well. Specifically, Urban Gear carries the popular Luke Mangan 3-piece professional knife set. This set features chef utility and paring knives that are perfect for use while out camping. With a portfolio of 10 restaurants around the world, Sydney chef Luke Mangan has created a chef knife series equally suited to professional or home cooks alike. 

The smallest knife included is perfect for more intricate cutting, such as that of peeling vegetables or de-boning small fish. The medium-sized knife, on the other hand, is extremely versatile and great for cutting vegetables and meats. Finally, there's the large chef's knife, which is truly all-purpose but is commonly used for dicing, chopping, and slicing larger cuts of meat as well as de-boning chicken or large fish before cooking.

If you enjoy fishing and being able to cook what you catch while camping, then this knife set is truly a must-have for preparing the best meals. Even if you're bringing your own food from home in a cooler, this knife set will certainly come in handy.

Of course, if three knives seem like overkill for your needs, Urban Outback Gear also sells individual Luke Mangan knives, such as this professional kitchen utility knife made of German steel.

More From Urban Outback

If you're looking for the best quality knives for your next camping trip, you cannot go wrong with Luke Mangan. Furthermore, make sure you're well stocked on all the other gear you'll need to stay comfortable and safe while camping. Take your cooking experience to the next level with any number of our convenient cooking tools, such as our quality cooking pots, compact wood burning stoves, kettles, and more. You'd be amazed at how much more enjoyable camping can be when you have more of the luxuries of home in terms of your food.

And when it comes to other outdoor essentials such as Maxpedition backpacks, Camelbak water bottles, and ballistic eyewear, Urban Outback Gear has a large selection from which to choose. For added safety and convenience when camping, you may also want to pick up some Nitecore torches or Fenix torches to illuminate the night. Regardless of what you're looking for, you can find the outdoor gear you need at Urban Outback Gear.