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When you're camping in the middle of the forest or even going on a hike at nightfall, it's imperative that you have a reliable and easy-to-carry light source with you at all times. Specifically, it's recommended that you have a quality torch that will emit the most light possible, allowing you to illuminate your way through even the darkest of nights and keep yourself safe. Nitecore has long been known for their excellent torches that are specifically designed for rugged outdoor use, and they just recently unveiled the impressive new THOR Nitecore MH40 flashlight!

Nitecore MH40
Nitecore MH40

The New Nitecore MH40

So, just what sets this new light apart from others on the market—or even other Nitecore brand torches? For starters, its light output is extremely high at 1000 lumens, which means you'll never have to worry about being caught in the dark. And despite its high light output, its battery life is still pretty impressive. For example, at 1000 lumens, the light will still last for more than an hour before needing new batteries.

Of course, there are other lighting settings for those situations when you don't nee quite as much light output. The other setting options include 352-lumen, 115-lumen, and a low 18-lumen. These settings will last anywhere from five-and-a-half hours to 105 hours!

Speaking of charging, you have a number of options available to you when it comes to keeping this torch powered. With rechargeable batteries, you can either charge the battery using the included flashlight charge port or an external charger. The light also can be powered with disposable batteries. If you're looking for the last flashlight you'll ever need to purchase, the THOR Nitecore MH40 is for you. With impressive light output and long-lasting battery life, this is the perfect light for all your outdoor needs.

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For some, the 1000-lumen THOR may be a little more than what you need. If this is the case, consider checking out Urban Outback Gear's selection of other Nitecore torches. For example, if you're looking for something a little less powerful, smaller, and more compact, then the MT20A is just what you need. This torch is perfect for when you're on the go and need something with multiple output settings and great battery life. The maximum output on this particular model is 360 lumens, which will last you for nearly two hours. The light has other settings, including high, medium, low, and ultra low to suit your needs and preserve your battery life as well.

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