Torches & Headlamps

You'd have to be bonkers to head out into the great outdoors without a reliable light source. Fortunately, we've got you covered here at Urban Outback with everything you need to not only light the way on your next adventure, but to do so in style. ..

Check out our wide variety of torches and headlamps that are designed with you in mind, offering excellent functionality and unrivalled durability.


We're proud to carry top brands such as NiteCore and Fenix Torches, to give you the reliable and convenient lighting you need at reasonable prices. Whether you need a pocket LED light, a bike light, or something even larger, we're sure to have a variety for you to choose from.


In addition, of course, when you buy from us, you also enjoy peace of mind with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Why shop anywhere else for your lighting needs in the great outdoors? Get the lighting you need and get on to enjoying your next outdoor adventure!

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Black diamond Storm headlamp F16 Octane Red

$AUD75.00 $AUD99.95

25% OFF
Fenix CL05 Keychain Lip Light Lantern - BLUE

$AUD27.50 $AUD34.95

21% OFF
Fenix RC11 magnetic charging Flashlight 1000 Lumen

$AUD123.95 $AUD125.95

2% OFF
LED Lenser H7.2 PRO Series LED Focusable AAA Headlamp
26% OFF
Led Lenser H8R headlamp

$AUD169.00 $AUD174.95

3% OFF
Nitecore EC11 Ultra Compact 900 Lumen Pocket Torch

$AUD108.00 $AUD130.00

17% OFF
Black Diamond Spot Headlamp S16 Blue

$AUD64.95 $AUD79.95

19% OFF
Black diamond Spot headlamp S16 Red

$AUD64.95 $AUD79.95

19% OFF